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How to judge what device is by the label code on IC element? What are the packaging forms of the patch element?
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/6/7 Viewed:420
The electronic component body of the non-laminated component can carry more production information, such as specifications, models, manufacturers, product serial Numbers, etc. The volume or size of the patch element is measured in millimeters. Too much information is not allowed to be marked on the element body.
1) simplify identification. Simplified the conventional identification model, such as 74LS14 (digital IC of six inverters) as LS14;
2) code labeling method, which further simplifies the identification, is called code labeling method. For example, the -24 and 1L of the patch transistor are more like codes, which need to be "decoded" by the data before they can know the meaning of identifying the specification and model of the components behind them.
3) no identification. Low power (such as 16/1w) patch resistors and (pf-level) low capacity capacitors are simply unlabeled elements because the element body is too small to be printed.
Every time a beginner is faced with such a confusing and head-scratching problem, how to judge what device is by the markup code (also called printing) on an IC element? How to find the relevant IC circuit information? How can an unlabeled element determine which device it is, and how can it be measured? Can the patch elements be replaced with other types of components (even non-patch elements)? What are the packaging forms of the patch element? And so on.

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