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What is craftsman spirit? Why cultivate craftsman spirit?
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/6/7 Viewed:1354
When it comes to craftsmanship, many people's first reaction is made in Japan. There is a popular question on zhihu, "what is the spirit of craftsmanship in Japan?" It has a very detailed introduction. One widely cited example was that of Hollywood star Natalie portman in her commencement speech at harvard last year. She and her husband went to a famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo to eat sushi. They found that the sushi was so good that the vegetarian could not stop eating it. She began to wonder why not expansion, then explain to her friends: all the best hotel in Tokyo so small, and do the same, only because they want to do a thing well done pretty, key does not lie in number, but in the pursuit of things to pleasure in the process of kindness and beauty.

From this little story, we can easily extract the connotation of craftsman spirit. It refers to a kind of consciousness of precision production. Every link, every process and every detail of a product is carefully polished and refined. According to wu xiaobo, a scholar of finance and economics, the spirit of craftsmanship is to make rice cookers, which can make the boiled rice crystal clear and not stick to the pot. Make hairdryer, can let the hair blow dry and smooth; Make kitchen knife of, can let every housewife hand rise knife falls, relaxed save effort; A thermos cup allows every traveler to drink a sip of hot water in the snow. Make toilet lid, can make all buttocks clean like jade, if bathe spring breeze..

The opposite of the spirit of craftsman is to pursue short-term economic benefits, "short, flat, fast". Of course, the ultimate goal of manufacturing is in order to profit, spirit is not exceptional also, but compared to churn out quick money, stick to spirit more bitter more difficult, and only the right path. The spirit of craftsmanship is not only a skill, but also a spiritual quality.

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