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Building a national electronic equipment manufacturing "unmanned factory era"
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/6/7 Viewed:1235
"Develop the smart industry and expand the smart life," said the 2018 government work report. We will vigorously transform and upgrade traditional industries with new technologies, new business models and new models. Emerging industries such as intelligent manufacturing have ushered in new historical development opportunities.
The spring wind blows and the grass grows. In recent years, China electronics technology group co., LTD will intelligent manufacturing as supply side structural reform, build new kinetic energy of a key area, gather group member units at various levels of manufacturing resources and the innovation ability, promote the manufacturing technology and digital technology and Internet technology, intelligent technology depth fusion, develop the intelligent led manufacturing national standard, introduced the intelligent manufacturing overall solution, create safe and controllable intelligence institutes and multiple industry benchmarking of demonstrative project of intelligent manufacturing, walked out of a unique path of equipment based intelligent manufacturing. On the basis of the research and development of single machine equipment in the past, China electrical technology co., ltd. is gradually realizing the automation, digitization and intelligence of whole-line equipment and opening the "era of unmanned factories" in Chinese manufacturing.
It is reported that as of September 2017, the national major projects in intelligent manufacturing, China electrical science a total of 12 projects included in the ministry and the ministry of finance jointly implement intelligent manufacturing special operation projects, is state industry. Among them, now has built the first domestic 500 mw photovoltaic cells smart manufacturing model line, first microelectronics co-firing ceramic device digital workshop, as the ministry of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, successful experiences have been copied in the industry. 500 mw photovoltaic cells smart manufacturing model line is the highest level of intelligent equipment localization of domestic solar cell manufacturing factory, every link in production by computer digital control, product rate above 98%, the mechanical arm and AGV car for 350000 efficient battery pills a day the accurate capture and transmit transport work, the operation number of workers in the factory are numbered. As ministry radical group of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, the line in the implementation process design, manufacturing automation equipment, digital, on the basis of production management information can be reduced by more than half of workers at the same time, still see the production efficiency increased by 30%.
Microelectronics ceramic device digital workshop, it is for many varieties, small batch, intelligent manufacture of ordering the production of microelectronics ceramic devices and digital workshop construction requirements, to carry out the overall architecture design, intelligent digital workshop production line equipment system integration and application of manufacturing execution system integration technology research. The project based on the formation of independent security controlled intelligent manufacturing equipment, manufacturing execution system (MES), monitoring software of the digital workshop, and other products new mode and discrete digital workshop system integration service ability, through the independent development of electronic information manufacturing industry technology progress.
Workshop includes intelligent process equipment, intelligent logistics transmission system, industrial Ethernet, MES manufacturing execution system, data acquisition and monitoring control system and the corresponding hardware facilities, which can realize LTCC substrate technology design, manufacturing automation equipment, digital production management informationization, the staff can reduce more than 50% of the entire production line, the production efficiency of LTCC substrate increased by 20%.
Two typical applications, however, are only a microcosm of China's electric intelligent manufacturing. "The group must seize this historic opportunity and focus on intelligent manufacturing and robotics research." Liu Liehong working conference in 2018, the general manager will be "smart manufacturing engineering" as a key implementation in 2018, one of the "five projects" and stressed that must strengthen the top of the intelligent manufacturing engineering planning, key equipment to develop the integrated circuit manufacturing equipment, promoting from the sensor to the whole industry chain of the machine layout, the key technology to promote a batch of demonstrative project of intelligent manufacturing, etc. - for China electrical science intelligent manufacturing engineering has made a comprehensive and thorough deployment.
Intelligent manufacturing, China's electricity division is accelerating at full speed.

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