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What are the characteristics of precision resistance
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/6/7 Viewed:1366
Precision resistors, or precision resistors, are often used in circuits. Precise resistance, refers to the resistance of the resistance error, the thermal stability of the resistance (temperature coefficient), the distribution parameters of the resistor distributed capacitance and inductance (distribution), and other indicators have reached a certain standard resistor.
Precision resistors are divided into metal film precision resistors, wire wound precision resistors and metal foil precision resistors.
The precision of precision resistance of metal film is high, but the resistance temperature coefficient and distribution parameter index are low.
The resistance precision and temperature coefficient of precision resistance are high, but the distribution parameter is low.
Metal foil the precision of the precise resistance, resistance temperature coefficient and distributed parameter indicators are high: precision can reach 10-6, temperature coefficient can reach 0.3 mm x 10-6 / ℃, distributed capacitance can be less than 0.5 pF, distributed inductance can be less than 0.1 mu H.
Because the price of the above three kinds of precision resistors increases with the performance, they should be selected reasonably according to the actual situation. For example, in dc or ac circuits with low frequency, it is generally only necessary to choose precision resistance of wire winding or precision resistance of metal film. There is no need to choose high price precision resistance of metal foil. The main body of precision resistance of metal film is usually cylindrical. The precision resistance of wire winding has cylinder, flat column and rectangular frame. Precision resistance of metal foil is usually in the shape of a square or sheet. With a large number of turns around the precision resistance, the non-inductive winding is usually adopted. The number of turns in the forward winding is the same as that in the reverse winding, so as to minimize the distributed inductance. The precision resistance of the long square frame wire winding is usually customized by the equipment manufacturer according to the needs and is often used in instruments.

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